May 4, 2009

still patterning

It seems like pattern making is never done. I need a front panel and a facing to secure the spoon busk in place. But I had to make the changes to top and bottom edges before I moved forward. I traced the revised neckline and bottom edge on to the pattern.

Once I trimmed the pattern piece I had the official center top and bottom points, so I could continue patterning for the busk. I traced off a whole new center front piece, then placed the busk on center front edge, leaving enough room at the bottom for binding, and letting any extra space fall at the top. I can always put in a pair of eyelets and a ribbon tie if I need to. I traced around the busk.

I added 3/8 inch for boning to run next to the busk.

I added another 1/4 next to that to tuck under as seam allowance, and a 1/2 inch seam allowance at the center front, and cut it out. 

Busk panel and facing patterned!

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