July 2, 2013

taking the 1911 for a spin

I recently wore the 1911 corset. At the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. I did not dress like a mermaid though, maybe next year. My outfit was so normal that someone pointed at me while I was standing amidst fellow fellow parade goers riding the train to Coney Island and said, "You could wear that to work!" and except for the sailor hat they were right.

Photo by Carlo Allegri/Reuters

Just before this picture was snapped I thought about how I hand't had time to apply red nail polish so I turned my palms out and ended up with weird flipper hands. Brother.

I was surprised that such a long line corset was so wearable. I was concerned the long bones at the center back would get on my nerves, but they didn't. The best thing about this corset is that it doesn't scream corset. Since there is no exaggerated shape it doesn't call attention to itself, it just smoothes. It was 80 degrees, sunny, and humid, but I didn't feel hot and uncomfortable in the corset, though I do think the summer corset is cooler to wear in warm weather. It's been awhile since I've put a corset on and I forgot how when you take one off you still keep standing straight. I really need to do something about my slouching.

A quick word about the parade, if you have the opportunity to see it go! It is such a fun way to spend a day. So many crazy costumes and there is a pleasant, non-judgemental vibe. No one is going to tell you dupioni wasn't historically accurate or look down their nose if your trim is glued on instead of hand stitched. Everyone's costumes are appreciated. Even if it's just a sailor hat and striped shirt.