September 28, 2012

one eyelet down

It's just one eyelet, but it's a start.

Or rather, it's a continuation. I'll stitch another one during lunch today, maybe even two. Well, I shouldn't get overly ambitious. For all of you out there picking up abandoned projects we'll just keep stitching together. One eyelet at a time.

September 27, 2012

one eyelet at a time

I have to finish the 1650s bodice. And the 1844 corset too, but I can start on the 1650s today by tackling an eyelet a day during my lunch break.

Above is my work kit, ready to be rolled up and carried in a tote bag. There are a lot of eyelets to be sewn so I need to just sit down and start sewing. Anyone else out there sewing eyelets? How about just picking up a project that you've put down for too long?

September 19, 2012

a beauty from warsaw

I've wanted to share images of this corset since I first saw it in storage at the Kent State University Museum.

KSUM 1983.1.1500 Three quarter front detail

I recently photographed it as part of the preparations for the upcoming Undress exhibit so I have a few nice pictures to post. Yea. The corset was made in Poland in the 1880s from two layers of silk. The exterior is black brocade and the interior is pale blue moire. If you look closely at the picture below you can see black thread is used for the warp and brown thread for the weft resulting in rich background that helps bring the solid black motifs into focus.

KSUM 1983.1.1500 Busk detail

The M Grochovska engraved on the busk loops is the maker's name, it's also woven on the label inside the corset. There is an image of the label and a bit more information about this corset on the museum's blog. But before you click over there let's take a closer look at the flossing.

KSUM 1983.1.1500 Three quarter detail

Wow. And the bow at the center front.

KSUM 1983.1.1500 Bow detail

Now that's a bow. There are two blue elastic suspenders to support stockings placed at the center front. They were my reference for attaching the garters on the 1911 corset I made. This corset is very shapely, but it isn't small. Laced closed on a form it measures bust 40 inches, waist 29 1/2, and hips 44.

KSUM 1983.1.1500 Three quarter front

So pretty! Don't you agree?