January 17, 2013

undergarment pinterest

The Kent State University Museum is always looking for ways to make the collection accessible. Sharing images is a way of bringing the objects to those who can't make it to the museum to view them in person. Check out the museum's pinterest boards for an overview of what's on view. Of course the Underdress exhibit is one of my favorites.

Ribbon corset, ca. 1900
KSUM 2011.12.12 © Kent State University Museum


January 14, 2013

so i had this little idea ...

It came to me one evening and I submitted it to Kickstarter the next day.

It's already grown beyond my expectations. It looks like I have a few weeks of craziness ahead of me. I'm already knee deep in MFA thesis work so I have to accept there is no way I'm going to be doing any corset building for a while. I will be posting a few images of corsets snapped behind the scenes at the Kent State University Museum so do stayed tuned. Thank you for your patience and thank you for reading!