April 23, 2011

1925 corselet pattern unearthed

Look what I found.

The altered pattern for the 1925 corselet! Normally I put the pattern pieces for each corset in their own giant envelope and neatly print out a label with a label maker. Why was this one crumpled and sun faded and not in an envelope? I'm hoping this means I'll come across the corselet soon.

April 20, 2011

bust gore alteration and outer layer cutting

I had one last pattern piece to alter before I could begin cutting. The bust gore. Even though I haven't fit the bust yet I did to the top edge of the corset so I need to add to the gore too. Here is the center front piece altered with a new top edge based on the last fitting, and the too short unaltered gore.

I taped the pattern piece to some paper and lined the hip curve to the edge of the piece so I could continue drafting the curve.

The gore needed an additional 7/8 inch so I measured that distance and connected the dots.

Once the corset is sewn and boned I may find I don't need that much extra at the top edge, but I want to allow for ample fabric when fitting the bust. Making sure the gore is correctly patterned and the pieces correctly cut should make fitting a potentially difficult area easier.

All the pieces have been cut, neatly stacked, and are ready to be assembled. Hooray! Sewing again!

April 18, 2011


A rainbow of possibilities, that is what a storage container of thread is. I love G├╝termann threads, but lately, when I need to pick up a new spool I've been searching out Mettler. I could be imagining, but the Mettler seems slightly smoother. Has anyone else noticed a difference between the two?

April 11, 2011

fettucini al linen

As I recut the linen corset pieces I ended up a pile of linen ribbons. I thought I should save them, waste not want not and all, so I started dropping them in a bowl.

Once I made the pasta connection I had to put the silverware next to the dish. I did not pull a Charlie Chaplin and take a bite though.

April 9, 2011

finally tracing the 1844 pattern pieces

After unpicking all the seams used for fitting I finally got around to tracing the altered pattern pieces on the fabric.

It felt odd using the mock up as the final fabric. With the lines from the original pattern and the altered version there are marks everywhere. I can't let the traced pieces sit around because if I wait I'll have difficulty remembering which line to cut.

These pieces will become the inside layer of the corset. The next step will be to trace the pattern on to the remaining linen for the outer layer.

It's been a while since I've been able to work on my Corsets & Crinolines corsets. It feels good to be back!