April 9, 2011

finally tracing the 1844 pattern pieces

After unpicking all the seams used for fitting I finally got around to tracing the altered pattern pieces on the fabric.

It felt odd using the mock up as the final fabric. With the lines from the original pattern and the altered version there are marks everywhere. I can't let the traced pieces sit around because if I wait I'll have difficulty remembering which line to cut.

These pieces will become the inside layer of the corset. The next step will be to trace the pattern on to the remaining linen for the outer layer.

It's been a while since I've been able to work on my Corsets & Crinolines corsets. It feels good to be back!


  1. Just saw your post on my dashboard ... and the first thing I thought was "She's back!!" I found a silk brocade over the winter that is perfect for this pattern (fewer seams to break up the brocade pattern) so I have been hoping you'd finish this one.

  2. Ah, silk brocade. Nice. Did you purchase it?

    When I pulled the fabric out to get back to work I thought, "How could I have let this languish for so long?" Brother.

  3. Yes, I paid for it ... the truly perfect one (red floral) I paid full price for, but the other 3 I scored half price. The white brocade wants to be an Elizabethan pair-of-bodies like the Effigy corset, and I am thinking of starting that project soon ... it will probably take me two mockups before I'm brave enough to cut into the perfect red brocade, though. The "problem" with finding the absolute perfect fabric for a project!

  4. Nice to see you posting again =) I hope you're internet is better now and that you wil get time to work on the corset. It's always such a source of inspiration to read about your work and see all the images.


  5. I was happy in seeing that it returned to postair. I adore knowledge as his work is walking, he has me inspired very much since I knew his blog.
    Do not stop bewitching us with his work.

  6. Oh, Jo, I've missed your corsets. I have you in a block of blogs I open almost daily (I refuse to use RSS feeds or whatever they are and just check on my faves) and have been waiting... waiting... Can't wait for the next installments.
    Season is beginning at the Prairie... Sewing continues here too. :)

  7. Hello Malin, arteira, and Jenny! I hadn't planned to step away for so long, but holy moly the time just flew by. It's nice to know everyone hadn't forgotten about this project. Thanks so much for welcoming me back!