April 20, 2011

bust gore alteration and outer layer cutting

I had one last pattern piece to alter before I could begin cutting. The bust gore. Even though I haven't fit the bust yet I did to the top edge of the corset so I need to add to the gore too. Here is the center front piece altered with a new top edge based on the last fitting, and the too short unaltered gore.

I taped the pattern piece to some paper and lined the hip curve to the edge of the piece so I could continue drafting the curve.

The gore needed an additional 7/8 inch so I measured that distance and connected the dots.

Once the corset is sewn and boned I may find I don't need that much extra at the top edge, but I want to allow for ample fabric when fitting the bust. Making sure the gore is correctly patterned and the pieces correctly cut should make fitting a potentially difficult area easier.

All the pieces have been cut, neatly stacked, and are ready to be assembled. Hooray! Sewing again!


  1. I can't wait to see this finished! :)
    Ashley x

  2. I also am wanting to see everything finished. I also did some alterations in the same model of corset, but I still had no courage to cut...

  3. I'm excited too. The fabric is so floppy, I hope the two layers and the boning get the job done!