April 30, 2009

cane boning

Inspired by The Symington Collection's summer corset boned with cane I've decided to try cane instead of steel. If not now, when? So I visited the Cane & Basket Supply Company in Los Angeles. The man who helped me, Everardo, asked my what my project was and when I said a corset he didn't bat an eye. He just said, "describe what you need." Nice. He showed me the different types of cane and answered all my questions and five minutes later I waltzed out with 8mm binder cane. I went with the cane made from the outside of the rattan, rather than the cane made from the core, because it is stronger. So says Everardo.


  1. Hello, also it would like doing a corset with this material. Will it be that it might give bigger details so that it can look to buy?

  2. Here is the web address with exactly what I used. I hope this helps!