April 15, 2009

the finished pattern

Thanks so much to everyone who gave me flossing color suggestions. You've got me thinking.

I made all the changes, taking off where needed, measuring and re-notching, and truing all the seam lines again.

Instead of trimming the bottom edge as marked during the fitting I decided to I leave it as is and shape it up when I do a final fitting.

I feel confident enough that I'm not going to sew a second mock-up. I probably should since I added at the bust. But I'm thinking fitting issues will be minor, and fixable by just taking in, or letting out, a small amount at a seam line. Hopefully.

1 comment:

  1. It's a great help for me to see how you've adjusted the pattern, so thank you for sharing it on your blog!
    I also have Norah Waugh's book, Corsets and Crinolines, but find it hard to adjust the patterns. The patterns in Jill Salen's 'Corsets' are a little easier to enlarge, so maybe a tip for when you've finished ;-)