April 8, 2009

mocking up

The pattern pieces were cut out then traced them off on muslin. I add the seam allowance on the muslin because I know I'll be making adjustments on the pattern and it seems silly to add seam allowance, make changes, then add seam allowance again. I do, however, put notches on the pattern. I want to be as accurate as possible and the notches help me know exactly where the curved seam lines meet. It’s also a way to make sure I’ve got the pattern right, if my notches aren’t matching as I sew I’ve screwed up somewhere. Better to catch it now on the mock-up than on the finished corset.

Mock-ups need boning too so I made boning channels by sewing bias tape where the boning will be before putting the pieces together.

A couple of lacing strips on the center back and twill tape around the waist and I'm ready to slide some bones in and try it on.

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  1. Hi my name is Michelle ,
    I have a friends corset. It's an under bust with a holter. I wont to make one for my self. I thought I would just add a panel in the back.I made one mock up and the shape was all wrong so now I'm on number two. Do you have any advice for taking a pattern from a existing garment?