April 17, 2009

supply run

When one needs a spoon busk where does one go? Farthingales! Farthingales is nothing but fun. Look at this wall of supplies.

And there are patterns, and tons of corsets for sale, and interesting things like this.

Not to mention the beautiful fabrics.

You know the feeling when you've got an idea, and because you haven't started yet you haven't made any mistakes, so you're just filled with enthusiasm, and you walk into the place that is going to provide you with supplies to make your great idea happen so all is right with the world? Farthingales.

Anyway, I picked up a spoon busk, tips for spiral boning, bone casing, and some spring steel. Once I cut down that busk I realized I don't have to purchase the boning pre-cut. I can cut it to whatever length I want. I have the power.

O.K. Time to get back to work.

1 comment:

  1. Yay, exciting! I'm really looking forward to the actual corset, I'm sure it will be great!
    Keep it up ^_^