April 9, 2009


The fit is not bad. Not perfect. But not bad.

There is some wrinkling, but since it looks pretty even and is all horizontal I think it’s from using thin muslin and not having the boning secured at the ends so the fabric is sliding. I think. It could be that the extra half inch I added between the waist and the underbust to lengthen the torso is too much. Here’s an out of focus side view.

And an even more out of focus back view.

I am so glad I added to the top edge of the original pattern. I'd be a goner if I hadn't. Still, I felt I needed more coverage. After I pinned the excess fabric at the seams, I pinned muslin to the mock-up and drew in a new top edge.

I also marked a new bottom edge, taking about an inch off. I'll make all the changes to the pattern and then it's time to cut the real fabric. Yea.


  1. Wow that already looks pretty well fitting!
    You did a great job with editing the pattern :)
    Good luck and thank you so much for sharing!
    I'm looking forward to the rest

  2. How did you get that blue lacing strip on there? Is that a temporary one you just use for fitting?

  3. Maybe the wrinkling will be fixed with the cording that's in the pattern at the front?

  4. Ah, the lacing strips. I knew I should have documented them. It's a piece of denim with one side folded over so there are two layers, then a row of grommets and boning down each side. I laid the edge against the center back then sewed it on. I'll be making a longer pair so I'll document it next time. It is just temporary. I can just rip out the stitches and use it again. It saves a lot of time and really helps for fitting.

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  6. Maybe the cording will help since it will add support. Thank you for reminding me that it will be there.