April 1, 2009

1904 done

Here it is.

And from the back.

These pictures are not the greatest, taken in a mirror, but I couldn't wait to have someone else at the shutter. All in all, not bad. There are several things I'd do differently if I were to build this corset again. I can not stand the stitching across the top and bottom of the busk and lacing strips. I'd sew them by hand to give a nicer finish. I'd use metal boning by the laces and use a smaller size grommet. These look just a little large in proportion to the rest of the garment. But I'm happy with the fit and with the changes I made from the mock-up. I would sew this pattern again. I'd love to try it with real ribbons or with by fusing satin to batiste to see how it works when lighter. Even though there are not a lot of bones in this corset the coutil makes it very solid. If one were to wear a corset while playing tennis or bicycling I believe this would be the style to wear. In fact, I'll take it for a spin on my bicycle and report how it functions.

Here are the statistics.
3 yards - 4" double face satin ribbon
4 yards - 3/8" double face satin ribbon
1 - 8" busk
2 - spools thread
coutil scraps
16 - double zero grommets
not even 2 yards (58") 7mm plastic boning

number of seams picked out - 10


  1. Your quest and notes about the corset making are a really valuable source! And the final corset looks really pretty. I bookmarked your blog to check when having troubles on making my corset.

    Plus it makes me less scared of making my 1st corset with plastic boning.


  2. OK, I definately want to try it on! It looks so pretty, can you bring it tomorrow?


  3. Wow. That's super professional looking! Way to go on the first one.

  4. WOW, I know you are using fabric from your stash but the colors work nicely together and look good with the black skirt too.

  5. I've been researching corsets for quite a while now and am finally ready to take the plunge to sew my own. I came across your blog and can't thank you enough for all of your meticulous information - I know it will be a big help to me!+

  6. I just finished a corsetry course with Prescott & Mackay in London and was trolling through the net for ideas and ...Presto! found your blog! Love the corset and I had just ordered the book so this is just wonderful. Might have to follow in your footsteps :). Well done!!


  7. Just found your site, love your work.