May 24, 2009

salute to scissors

For the next ten days I will be separated from my sewing machine by 2000 miles, so it's time for a salute to sewing tools. First up, scissors. 

I love my scissors. I have many pairs, these are just the first three I grabbed. My favorite are the Gingher 8" dressmaker's shears in the center, they cut fabrics perfectly and stay nice and sharp. I never let them touch paper. That's what those giant ones at the bottom are for, cutting cardstock when patterning. I no longer use those much, I've discovered I can cut patterns much quicker and more accurately with and X-ACTO blade, but they are still an impressive pair of scissors. The little crane embroidery scissors are also from Gingher. When my mother gave them to me I thought, "When am I going to use these?" The answer, all the time. If you enjoy looking at scissors (and who doesn't?) you can browse through museum collections and find interesting ones like this pair.

© Victoria & Albert Museum (museum number 402-1894)

Or you can take a look here and get a nice overview of various scissors designs.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those giant patterning shears too! People that don't make pattern always seem to think they are some sort of gardening hedge clipper things.

  2. Those wooden-looking scissors at the bottom look similar to the ones used in Japan when cutting thread, or small snippets out of cloth.