May 17, 2009

a chocolate situation

I thought I would put the wait while serving jury duty to good use and baste the bone casings. I took the corset to the courthouse and did get some basting done. While enjoying a Peppermint Patty I was called for jury action. I put the unfinished Patty away. Later, I discovered I'd managed to put the plastic bag with the Peppermint Patty into the pillowcase with the corset and not in another section of the tote bag I was carrying everything in. Of course the Peppermint Patty escaped and chocolate marks were scattered all over the corset. After very carefully spot cleaning with a Q-tip dipped in Gonzo stain remover, (Always tapping, never rubbing, the stain.) and thoroughly flushing the cleansed areas with water, I air dried the corset. Everything came out. When ironing the corset I realized I forgot to put the waist tape in place before basting the bone casings. I was also reminded how important the waist tape is, especially with this open weave fabric. So the basting stitches are being picked out to the waist so I can sew the waist tape in first. Brother. 

I normally keep food and beverages far from sewing projects and this is a lesson that I should never, NEVER, think I there is any way to mix the two.

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