May 5, 2009

and re-patterning

Aiming for perfection, once the angle of the top edge was changed and the busk panel was patterned, I felt compelled to re-pattern the corded sections. The whole point of a pattern is to serve as a plan so you don't have to figure everything out again. If I make the pattern pieces correctly this time I can just cut and sew the next. Well, at least in theory.

The corded piece of the center front panel will be smaller than what I originally patterned since the busk panel covers 1/3 the width of the first piece. I traced the center front piece onto paper and with a tracing wheel and  marked where I had positioned the cording. I folded the seam allowances in on the busk panel pattern and laid it against the center front. Then I marked the busk panel on the new pattern piece.

I added 1/2 inch seam allowance to each side and the bottom edge. (The new plan is to cut the piece on a fold and sew the cording between the folded fabric. I think this will be more efficient than dealing with two little pieces.) I re-patterned the second corded piece the same way.

Back to sewing.


  1. Wow. There is a lot involved here. Will you sell your patterns?

  2. The patterns are really already available in Corsets and Crinolines. I'm just scaling them up and altering them to fit me. I am working on transferring the 1904 ribbon corset to a digital file, maybe I'll manage to grade it so it's in different sizes. I'd love to see what others come up with once the patterning is figured out.