May 15, 2009

cane boning test

Nothing goes to waste. One of the early corded appliques that didn't get used was perfect to test the boning with. I wanted to see how bulky everything would be once the boning was added, and also wanted to get an idea how strong the cane would be. I sewed a piece of casing over the cording and slid a small piece of cane in.

To test how the cane would curve over the bust and hips I soaked it in water, slid it in the channel, and arched it between to weights until it dried. It holds the curve nicely. The only problem is the hint of color. When I slid the cane in dry you saw nothing. But wet it tints the fabric. I'll have to do further tests to see if lightly sanding the cane removes any potential color transfer, or maybe if a light coat of gesso keeps it clean looking. I can also try soaking, shaping, then sliding the curved cane in when dry. Or just slide it in as is and forget about it, letting the canes bend to shape with wear, and hope they don't color the channels over time.

It's curious how every decision leads to more decisions.


  1. Hi, just wanted to say a word here to let you know how much I'm enjoying these posts, and I'm especially impressed at the quality of the photography. Thanks for posting these.