May 8, 2009

putting the pieces together

Each string was carefully pulled away from the seam allowance along the bust. Then on the second panel I pulled it back 1/4 inch more. No need to have extra bulk under the bone casing that will run along that side of the seam. When the piece is held to the light it's easy to see where the cords end.

I pinned the pieces together along the seam line. When they are held to the light you can see how the corded sections meet the seam line at different angles.

But when sewn together and viewed head on the angle looks balanced.

It's possible if I'd placed the cording on the second panel at the same angle as the cording on center front panel it would have looked way too steep, or lopsided. I can't say for certain though, I just placed it so it looked right during the try-on. That's the angle that occurred and I went with it. The seams are on the outside because they will be trimmed and covered with bone casing. That way the interior of the corset will be nice and smooth. Look at the stitching from the inside.

The stitching on the bottom two rows of the other half is 1/16 inch off. I'll live with it. 

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