May 13, 2009

casing basting

The bones will be held in coutil casings that I'll make. Pre-made casing is available, but I want the casing fabric to match the corded fabric since they'll be sewn on the outside of the corset. After cutting bias strips I ran them through a bias tape maker.

Then I basted the casing in place over a seam. I could be going a bit overboard with my stitching. But I want the bone casings neat and tidy, and basting them in position will make sewing them with the machine easier. 

I have 22 bone casings to stitch down. I could be basting for a while.


  1. I check like every other day and you have done so much!!! It's so crazy. How are you not pulling your hair out? This pace makes me dizzy.

    P.S. My corset SUCKED!!!!!!!! But the coutil was cheap!!!! Like $2 dollars cheap!!!


  2. I feel like I'm plodding along sooooo slowly.

  3. This is looking great. Love that it is so neat.

  4. I stumbled on your blog a few days ago and have been devouring the archives. Glad to see this post! I saw a bias tape maker in the fabric store yesterday and was so curious if they actually work as designed. I'm just barely poking my toes into making lingerie, and acetate channeling for underwires just doesn't square with my fancy bespoke daydreams....