February 20, 2012

1911 - finishing the top edge

The final week of the sew along is here! Just a bit of finishing and the corsets will be done and ready to wear. What point are fellow sew along participants at in the process? The first finished corset has been posted on the group flickr page
and it's lovely, I can't wait to see more! I need to get to work so I can add mine to the bunch!

The trim on the top edge of the corset serves the same purpose as the trim on the bottom, but it can be fancier if you like. I decided to use an inexpensive, machine made, broderie anglaise. It is applied similarly to the bias used for the bottom edge, stitched on then folded over, except it is stitched to the interior of the corset,

and flipped over to the front.

The longer trim has to be gathered and distributed so it flows nicely across the corset.

Then it can stitched in place by hand. Mine is not yet stitched in place. I think we all know what I'll be doing on my lunch break today.


  1. each time I check here, I'm getting sadder that my sewing machine died during the flatfelling, and the people from the sewing machine fixing place still don't know if they can fix up my baby. I so wanted to sew along, instead of sewing behind. Snif. But that looks like one fine scarf-transformed-into-a-corset! I'm absolutely jealous!

    1. That's so sad that your machine died! Hopefully it will be alive and kicking soon and you can get back to flat felling!