February 9, 2012

1911 - it's grommet time

The corset is coming together! Once the grommets are set we can try it on and fine tune the shape the top and bottom edges. So let's get those grommets set!

You'll need the center back pattern piece, scissors or an awl or a notcher, pencil or chalk, and a ruler. If you are using the post Edwardian pattern the grommet spacing is marked on at the back pattern piece. If you are using the Corsets and Crinolines pattern the spacing needs to be finalized. The holes on the pattern are spaced 7/8 inches apart. The waist will be centered between holes so mark the waist at the center back, it should be the top notch mark. Make a mark 7/16 above and 7/16 below the waist, then mark points every 7/8 inches in both direction the length of the center back.

The pink dots are the new marks for the lacing. Cut small holes on the marks. I circled mine in red so they are easy to see.

Place the pattern on the center back edge of the corset and transfer the marks to the fabric with chalk or a pencil.

Hooray, the corset is ready for grommets. Have fun setting!


  1. I borrowed a tool for that...made life sooooo much easier! If you live near Berkeley, Ca Lacis will let you use their machines for the price of the grommets.