February 17, 2012

concerning cheese

Isn't that the best headline ever? I read it while doing research in the February 18, 1912 edition of The Washington Herald for what was supposed to be tomorrow's post.

Two misses wearing simple 1912 workday attire, enjoying a tasty meal of cheese fondue. If you read Marion Harland's column you'll find a couple recipes for Welsh Rabbit Without Beer, which must be the saddest rarebit of them all. Concerning Cheese was just a page or two after the latest Paris Fashions.

The materials in two of the dresses are described as " Salmon Pink Liberty," and "Blue Liberty Satin." I believe that is Liberty as in Liberty of London. I want an excuse to wear the evening wrap shown in the center. Too bad I won't be performing any arias on stage soon.

So why cheese and gowns? I'm still attaching garters and haven't started adding the trim to the top edge yet. Yikes. For any of you who are a bit off the sew along schedule don't fret, just keep sewing. I'm still sewing right along with you! Next week we'll finish the last details on the corsets, including trimming the top edge. Almost done!

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