February 22, 2012

1911 - garter placement

Thanks so much for the input regarding the trim on the top edge of my corset. It's going. And I'll definitely add a bow. Or two. While I rework the trim I thought I'd show where the garters are placed. The placement is marked on the post Edwardian pattern, but not on the Corsets and Crinolines one.

Three garters on each side, the first is right at the center front, the second is at the side, and the third lines up with the bone casing on the last panel. Of course one could add more, or less, and you don't really need to mark them on the pattern, but once you do you don't ever have to think about it again.

Flossing tomorrow!


  1. Even though I didn't participate this time, I really like that you do a sew-along. I hope you'll do another one in the future.

    1. It's been my pleasure to host it. Hopefully you will be able to participate next time!

  2. Serious crisis time. When I tried my corset on after doing the grommets and the boning channels, I discovered that the fabric I used for the mock-up must have been far more stretchy than I'd realized. As a result the corset is nowhere close to meeting at the back. I did consider abandoning the whole thing, but I've decided to open the seam between pieces 3 and 4, and set in an extra panel on each side. I guess I need to move the boning channels a bit as well, as otherwise they will be too much at the front and back, and not enough at the side?

  3. Don't abandon it! The back pieces shouldn't meet at the center back, how wide is the gap between the lacing? Unless it's over 5 inches I wouldn't make any changes.

  4. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for your reply. The gap is closer to 6 inches in places, and the side seams are not at all at the sides, hence my idea of adding extra panels.

  5. Good for you for attempting to salvage your work! If you add a strip of fabric, I would add another strip or two of boning, rather than trying to move the boning you already have.

  6. I agree with Sharon, don't move the boning channels, other than to open up the seam. You don't need to add too much fabric, an inch and a half wide strip will do. You can add a channel in the center of the addition and add boning the keep the support through out the body of the corset. If you use the same fabric I bet it will be un-noticable when you're done.

  7. Thanks for all the advice. I've got a frantic week ahead, but after that away on I'm on holiday for a week with some spare time at last. So if I can persuade Mr Tulip that we can fit my sewing machine in the car with everything else, I'll be good to go.