February 24, 2012

1911 - flossing diagram

Before I dash off to purchase better thread for flossing I thought I'd share the stitching diagram.

The needle comes out from the interior to the exterior of the corset on hole number 1, and goes back in on hole 2, out at 3, in at 4, and so on. Stitching in this order allows the thread to show on the front of the corset, but only small stitches will be visible on the interior of the corset. I may round the bottom of the arrows instead of keeping the straight line, and I may need eight stitches across instead of seven, but you get the idea.

Week eight of the sew along is done! I'll finish the flossing this weekend and lace the corset on Monday. Sew along participants who feel like they are off schedule can catch up this weekend too, and please do share images of your finished work on flickr group page. It is so exciting watching the progress of everyone's corsets, I can't wait to see more as they are completed!


  1. Jo, I just wanted to thank you for the sew along, it was a lot of work, and you've been really thorough. I LOVE my corset, and may even tackle a ribbon corset next. I have yards of a vintage metallic ribbon that has been hibernating. I'll be watching your blog for more inspiration.
    Hugs and all the best!!

    1. It's so good to hear your happy with your corset! Yea!

  2. Off-schedule R us.
    I finally cut out and assembled my mock-up, in cotton duck, and had to take a break because my neck and shoulder hurt from cutting, marking and pinning the duck. The thought of working with the coutil is daunting.
    And I have to say, the mockup is alarmingly huge. I ordered eye-tape for lacing strips and it hasn't yet arrived. I am hoping to bone this thing as soon as the lacing tape gets here, try it on, and know the worst! Maybe it really is too big, she said hopefully...
    Jo, I never would have had the courage to tackle this project at all without your sew-along. You have broken everything down into such nicely manageable bites. Thank you.

    1. How nice of you, Sharon! All the steps are completely doable once they are broken down, it really is just a matter of putting them together. Don't let the coutil scare you, it's wonderful fabric to work with. If the mock-up turns out to be too large we'll sort out how to size it down.

      Isn't is surprising how physical sewing can be? Don't stress about getting off schedule, it happens. Just jump back in when your supplies arrive!