February 7, 2012

1911 - busk stud side

Yesterday we assembled the loop side of the busk, today we'll build the stud side. Time to break the awl out of the sewing case.

Start by folding and pressing the facing. There should be a notch at the top marking the center front fold, the edge is folded another 3/8 inch.

From the front, or exterior, of the corset, sew 1/16 inch from the center front fold.

Line the loop side of the busk so the edge just covers the line you stitched and mark the placement of the studs. Mark at the edge of the opening rather than the center.

Use an awl to bore an opening for the studs. Be gentle with the fabric, the idea is to push the threads apart, not to tear them. I work a bit from the front where I've made the mark, then finish from the other side.

Once a hole is made push the stud through, then move on to the next one. The holes always seem to close up if you make them all at once.

Trim the waist tape.

From the front sew from top to bottom of the corset with your needle right next to the busk. I forgot to mention yesterday it's best to switch to a zipper or foot for this step. Whoops.

Flip the corset and sew the facing 1/16 to 1/8 from the fold.

Ta da!


  1. I'm loving that pattern matching on the front panels!

  2. Your directions are so amazingly good. This is the one step that has turned out less than perfect, and I am blaming that on my not having the proper foot with which to sew it. But what the heck, it's finally done, and I am so pleased with the rest of it!

    1. The proper foot makes a huge difference, but complete is complete. Yea, the busk is in, congratulations!