November 30, 2009

best grommet setting yet

Did I say I was going to "knock this corset out" over the weekend? I don't know what I was thinking. I never just knock corsets out. I did get the lacing panels sewn. They were assembled the same way the side panels were, attached at the top, allowances graded, panels folded and basted in place, then stitched. I laid a half inch wide strip of coutil down the center so the grommets have something to hold on to before I sewed the channels. And I set the grommets on one side.

Not a single grommet split or wobbly. Everything was going so well I was afraid I'd screw up if I just kept setting. So I took a break after finishing the one side and cut and tipped all the bones with Plasti Dip the same way I trimmed the busk 1904 corset. Here they are drying. 

And in case you noticed, those are gold (OK brass) grommets, which means there will be a gold busk. I can't say it any better than Achille Castiglioni, "Cinc ghei pusseĆ©, ma luster."