December 1, 2009

a busk and a confession

First the confession. Let's revisit my sewing rule.

I broke that rule. I bought a pattern without having any usable fabric in the stash for it. I am only adding to the backlog of patterns that may never be sewn. I have been able to browse through patterns with no problem, but this time I couldn't help myself. I was powerless to the Siren's call of Polynesian Pattern #191.

I have two vintage dresses from Hawaii cut like this, they are very flattering, and with their pleated trains festive without being over the top. I could probably make a pattern from them, but when the Polynesian Pattern company has already done the work for me I'd be foolish not to snap it up. Plus it was only $7 and by purchasing it I'm supporting a great local shop, Meow. Have I rationalized enough? Someday I'll find the perfect Marimekko fabric and it will be sewn.

OK. Now that I've confessed my sins, on to ribbon corset items. In addition to testing flossing designs I trimmed the busk so it angles at the top instead of being rounded.

I don't know if it will make a big difference, but it seems like it should help support the point at the center front. We'll see.


  1. Oh that Lani... such a temptress she is!

  2. I think that making the angle that way should be great =)

  3. I was thinking about how those are very good rules and I should adopt them, but then i realised that I always draft my own patterns, which means I will still always be able to buy new fabric, not saving me money or space at all. I shall have to come up with some different rules.
    I think you've done admirably sticking to the rules so far (at least as you blog them) so I think a new pattern could be considered a just reward?

  4. That Lani. Dang it. I can't believe I caved. Marie, if you come up with a good rule let me know, I'll have to adopt a new one once I work my way through the stash. Wait a minute, I'm currently making a dress with a pattern I drafted and I'm sewing it from fabric I already have! It balances out! No need to feel guilty! And Malin, I'll have the results of the angled busk soon.

  5. For the Polynesian dress, keep an eye out on eBay for vintage Hawaiian Textiles brand fabric. The company is no longer in business, hence the vintage description, but has beautiful large floral designs at a lower price than Marimekko.