December 21, 2009

better than black

After reading the comments to the last post I thought I had my mind made up, fuchsia flossing. Just to be certain I thought I'd test the three different fuchsias I had, along with black too. I did the sample, and when I went to put the non-chosen threads away I saw this.

Gold silk. Perfect with the gold busk and grommets. I embroidered a sample and it lit up against the pink. Hands down the winner.

What's the fairy tale where straw is spun into gold? I'm sure this is what that gold thread would have been like. Stitching with it is like working with slippery air. I'm using 8 threads through the needle to get a nice thread density, but I think its worth the hassle. I can't wait to see the corset finished!


  1. That looks beautifull. I think this is the fairy tale:


  2. That's NICE and far less obvious than black.

  3. Rumplestiltskin! And gorgeous flossing!

  4. I was in the fushia camp, but the gold is way better! The straw to gold fairy tale is Rumpelstiltskin.