December 16, 2009


I found something else to do while mulling over the ribbons along the busk issue. Tie and tuck all loose threads. After the threads were knotted I threaded them through a needle and pulled the thread into the channels. Before.


Not exciting, but necessary. And made much easier with this.

Dritz Quilting Needle Pullers. Once you've pushed the needle through several layers of fabric it can be tough to grasp and pull out. Or at least it is for me. No more. 

Alright, I can't avoid it any longer, back to the busk.


  1. I love watching your progress. The little tips you give and the tools you use are so...well, helpful!

    Lovely color, btw.

  2. How does it work? It makes such a big difference.

    (sorry I posted the first comment from a different google account--can you post with this one?)

  3. Thank you paisleyapron! And Debi, doesn't it make a big difference?! It's so clean this way.