December 10, 2009

busk inserted and a new issue

It's never as easy as I think it should be. The busk is in. I followed pretty much the same steps I did to insert the other side. Attach the facing to the front panel, then fold and baste the ends. Here is a good picture of the folded and basted ends.

See how the back facing is folded so it's slightly shorter than the front so it won't show? After everything was folded and basted in place I stitched 1/16 from the center front edge then marked where the studs will come through the fabric.

I used an awl to make the holes for the studs, pushed them through, and sewed the busk in place. 

And there is the new problem. Can you see it? The center point isn't as perfect as I'd like it to be, but that's not it. It's that seam at the edge of the ribbon. There is 6mm space between seams on the left side, but maybe just 4 on the right. Yuck. It's even more visible when you look at more of the busk.

I thought I had allowed a bit of extra fabric for that small 1/16 seam at the center front so I wouldn't have this exact problem. I guess I didn't. I do have a possible solution though.

If I run a thin piece of ribbon along the edge of the loop side, and bump it just over the edge on the stud side, I balance the difference out. Plus, I'll have an extra seam securing the horizontal ribbons in place. Thoughts?


  1. I think it's a perfectly fine save!

  2. Unfortunate that it turned out that way with the seams but I think that thin ribbon would be an excellent solution. And it looks even more decorated and thought through. I'd go with that. But where will the seam/seams be on the thin ribbon?

  3. I really like the visual with the thin ribbons; I would like to see how you 'end' them though; fold them to the back? then what?
    thanks for being inspiring!

  4. Good then, I think I'll go with it. I'm thinking the seams will run right along the edges of the thin ribbon. Hopefully it looks clean and neat.

  5. Will you sew it by hand? I was just thinking, is the busk beneath the thin ribbon at one edge?

  6. I may have to sew by hand, the busk isn't underneath the thin ribbon, but it does butt right up against it. And I don't want the ribbon to shift so we'll see.

  7. The thin ribbon is GENIUS!