November 6, 2009

the art of the embroiderer

Looking for something to do in Kent, Ohio? Check out The Art of the Embroiderer at the Kent State University Museum.

© The Kent State University Museum

There are embroidered garments from around the world that will blow you away. Even if you can't see the exhibit in person, there are plenty of images at the Museum's website. It's not the same, but still a great resource. Photography is not allowed, but without special permission it's not possible to take better pictures than what is already available online.

And if that is not enough, there is also an exhibit, Gazette du Bon Ton, displaying pages from the French magazine along with gowns from the era, sometimes the exact gowns in the illustrations. So many pretty things.

The Art of the Embroiderer runs through December 31, 2009, and Gazette du Bon Ton runs through May 30, 2010. Go!


  1. Fantastic stuff!
    I used to go to the V&A when I lived in London, to gaze at all the intricate clothes. It's so amazing to see work of that quality up close.

  2. That orange dress is wonderful. Thanks for sharing