November 11, 2009

what have i gotten myself into

Making a ribbon corset on the road was a crazy idea. The fiddly-ness of building a corset is magnified when done in a strange environment.

I cut the cotton interfacing into 1 1/2 wide strips, made an ironing board out of a wooden cutting board and three linen dish towels, and fused the interfacing to the ribbon. Then I cut out the pieces. The pieces that aren't the full width of the ribbon were lined up straight, then cut.

I penciled in notch marks.

The work surface above is an ARTnews on the floor. By time I started putting the ribbons in place I was able to work on a dining room table. I marked the seam allowances with removable artist's tape, then basted the ribbons in place.

The ribbons are basted along the center back of one side. That's it. It's slow going and I have no idea what my next work surface will be. I'm wondering if I should have brought some embroidery to work on instead.

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