June 16, 2009

stupid perfectionism

The last  bone casings needed to be added next to the busk (I'm skipping the ones next to the lacing.) I knew they'd be tight, but I could squeeze them in if I laid a casing either just over the one next to it (left side of picture), or just over the busk panel (right side).

Or, I could rip out the casing that was already sewn, ease it over 1/8 inch below the waist, re-baste, baste and sew the new casing in next to the busk with no overlap, then re-sew the other, most-difficult-of-them-all-because-it-runs-over-the-bust, casing.

I made my choice.


  1. wow - you moved them over? It looks great.

  2. It does look really good though!

  3. I moved them over. And I can't express how happy I am that the difference is appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to notice!

  4. They DO look better, you were right of course. Stupid perfectionism!