June 8, 2009

sidetracked by another corset

An unfinished corset was taunting me. No more.

I started working on this corset just before I began the Corsets and Crinolines project. I thought it would be nice to have a simple flesh toned underbust that would disappear beneath elegant dresses. All was going well until I saw the wrinkles at the waist and freaked out. I thought I might get rid of them by taking off the bone casings and re-sewing them, (I swear the wrinkles weren't there before they went on.) but was dispirited and put it off. Eventually I got tired of seeing it half done and decided to just finish the thing. And you know what? It's not terrible.

The wrinkling lessened once the corset was on the body.  I ran out of bias binding and used a different color along the bottom edge, and wish I had used the paler tone along the top as well. The dyed lacing tape doesn't match the coutil, but I like that color variation too. The pattern for this corset is the started as the Laughing Moon 113 corset girdle. That was four pattern generations ago. It's a single layer of coutil boned with flat steels, except for the two curved channels near the front, those are spirals.

front view with harsh side lighting to make those wrinkles stand out

the best back view I could get using a mirror

The big lesson here is to just keep sewing. I learned more about what works and what doesn't by completing this corset than letting it lay around unfinished. I know there are a ton of unfinished projects out there, pick them up! Keep sewing! Finish!

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