June 27, 2009

flossing ideas

While giving my hands a break from inserting the cane bones in I've been kicking around flossing designs.

I want the Eiffel Tower inspired Xs to vary a bit, maybe be jazzier at the top of the corset than the bottom, and I have to get the right weight and length to the Xs. Catherine Hay, editor of Your Wardrobe Unlock'd, visited the Symington Collection archives and was able to snap some photos of a giant flossing sampler, a great reference. Those designs make my flossing scribbles look pretty boring, but I should probably stick to something simple. I've also sketched out a few ideas for embroidery on the cording. The triangles at the spot where the cording meets the bone casing look nice, but a light row of Xs in the lower space between cords might be more in keeping with the theme. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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