June 23, 2009

finishing the top edge with bias trim

The top edge was finished with bias tape dyed to match the warm grey thread. I pressed it first so the front edge of the bias tape was 1/8 shorter than the back edge, that way when I sewed I was sure the back would be stitched down. Then I just folded the trim over the top edge of the corset and sewed it from the front. I went with exposed stitching because I felt it looked right with the stitching on the bone casings.

The trickiest thing was tucking the corners in at the low center "V" point. I was struggling with folding the end in until I thought, "What would Robert Lang do?" I decided he would not try to stretch or jam the bias tape into any position, he would gracefully fold it in on itself until it was flat. So that's what I did. So that I may do it again I drew a diagram.

The views are all from the interior of the garment, so wrong side up.


  1. Robert Lang -- we love his stuff! But can you make a corset out of just one sheet of paper?

  2. When I figure out how to make a purely paper corset believe me, I'll let you know.