June 1, 2009

pin cushions

The most cheerful sewing accoutrement ever has to be the pin cushion. Don't these make you smile?

Like scissors, pin cushions seem to accumulate. One with the sewing supplies, one in the embroidery box, one next to the sewing machine. I'd like to make the smaller one pictured here into a wrist pin cushion. I was told that in ye olden days pin cushions were filled with human hair because it kept pins and needles sharp, and also kept them from rusting. I saved my hair from the last few haircuts so I can make one to see if it works. I'm confident it will. 


  1. Did you ever end up making one with hair stuffing? I've been keeping mine from haircuts (I cut my own hair) and I'm curious if it would be worth the work. I'm normally forced to keep my pins in metal tins because my cats steal them sometimes, but maybe it would be worth it to teach them not to. :)

  2. I did! Check out the March 11th, biscornu posting to see how it turned out!