June 22, 2009

cane prep

Sand, soak, flatten, paint, trim. Those were the steps I used to make the cane ready for the corset.

The first piece of cane on the left is straight from the roll. The second has been sanded, soaked in a bucket of water, then laid between two towels with pots and pans on top serving as weights to flatten it. The third has two light coats of Liquitex gesso, and the tip of last one has been clipped and sanded to round the end. The cane started like this,

and ended up like this.


  1. I love your blog so much; I learn a lot, not to mention enjoy reading your comments! :)

    Why did you decide to paint the cane, instead of just leaving it sanded and bare?

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  2. Whoops, nevermind about my earlier question. I just read further back in your blog about how the color showed through the casings when they weren't painted. -_-;