June 12, 2009

spoon busk - stud side

After the loop side of the spoon busk was finished I did the stud side. The pieces were laid together the way they would be when sewn, the center front seam was sewn, the facing folded back, and everything was pressed. Then, just like the stud side of any normal busk, I stitched 1/16 inch next to the center front seam.

Here's the graded seam allowance underneath the busk.

Draping the corset halves over the tailor's ham helped accommodate the curve of the busk when marking where the studs went.

The busk was inserted one stud at a time after each hole was made with an awl.

Then I grooved along the busk and folded the seam allowance under 1/8 from the groove.

The seam allowance on the back facing was tucked under, and after basting everything in place the busk panel was stitched 1/16 from the edge of the fold.

I stitched along the top and bottom edges of the busk to finish, and hooked both sides of the busk together.

Nice and clean. Hooray.