August 28, 2009

summer corset in summer conditions

I gave the summer corset a test under maximum summer conditions.

When this picture was taken at 6 AM it was only 77˚. When it hit 113˚ everyone was equally uncomfortable, corseted or not. 


  1. Well, how did it hold up? Did it feel noticably cooler than a "normal" one? We spent last year talking about making one of these but never decided what to use...
    So. The entire corset-wearing staff of my museum is dying to know...

  2. Oops. I kind of did fail to give a full account. It held up well! I had a light linen dress underneath and everything was fine. The one awkward moment while wearing it was dropping the keys to the VW bus on the floor and being unable to bend at the waist to pick them up. Clearly, a lady didn't drive an automobile in the 1880's. But we already knew that. I think the fact that I didn't lace as tightly as I could have helped keep it comfortable. Normally after a half hour I might pull the laces a 1/2 inch tighter, and this time I thought, "Should I snug the laces a bit? Nah." I really didn't think about the corset when walking along the desert trail, I was more concerned about not bumping against any cactus needles. I've never worn a normal corset in the desert heat, but I could feel the slightest breeze through the adia cloth, which I'm sure would not have happened with a regular corset. I was no sweatier, I mean glowier, than anyone else in the heat. In fact, I don't recall the corset even being damp when I took it off. And I can not tell a lie, at noon I took the corset off and was in a swimming pool. So I didn't have it on when the mercury hit 113 a couple hours later, but it was still way up there.

  3. Interesting - I would have thought it would be unbearable.

  4. I cannot even tell you how much I want to have a corset like that in the future. Gorgeous. Glad it held up so well!