August 7, 2009

securing the ends of the thread

You know that heavier bit of stitching when the thread is secured by reversing for a few stitches at the end of a seam? I didn't want that extra bit messing up the rooster. So I sewed each channel and pulled the thread through to the back by threading the front strand on a needle.

Once both threads were together on the back I knotted them.

When the boning is in I'll pull all the loose ends into a nearby channel so they disappear. Look at how neat the front looks now.

Again, extra work, but worth it.


  1. That's very nice! Usually I do that as well. It's a couture thing, I think.

  2. Thanks! I've never done it before, but it made sense. It does seem coututre-y.

  3. You are meticulous!!!! I love it!!! I am working on a 1700's corset myself and it helps to see what other people have accomplished ^.^