August 11, 2009

breakthrough during back panels

It's nice when you realize you're improving. The little milestone I crossed wasn't really that big, but still exciting to me. I had to rethread the bobbin, and for the first time ever did not have to break out the sewing machine manual to read the steps. Also, when I dropped the bobbin back in to start sewing I didn't have to look at a diagram to see which way the thread spooled out. Hoo-ray. 

OK. Continuing with the back panels.  I laid the panels face-to-face, sewed them together at the center back, pressed the seam flat, then turned the panels right side out and stitched right near the edge of the center back seam.

I was a bit nervous about the channels because they are so long, and the panel so narrow, I had no wiggle room. But I took a breath, decided that after the threading breakthrough I was capable, and they came out OK. 

I can't wait to see this corset from the inside when it's done. 


  1. You updating this blog is the best part of my week, lol. I love seeing everything slowly coming together, and you take such clear pictures too. It's also inspiring me to maybe make more of an effort on the next thing I make so that I can have pretty seams and nice finishing and all that myself. Unfortunately, it's so much easier to read about than do myself, but it's encouraging to see that taking the time really does produce lovely, noticeably better results.
    Don't let this put you off though and worry that you must do things perfectly for your web-audience! Seeing how you solve problems along the way is probably even more interesting and encoraging.

  2. Thanks Marie! I didn't expect it, but taking the time to document my work has really helped improve it. And don't worry, I have no doubt there will be plenty of difficulties (and mistakes) on future corsets for me to figure out. :)