August 4, 2009

channel templates

After the Toile and denim front pieces were basted together it was time to start sewing channels.

First, I figured out the boning placement.

Then I made a template from the bottom of the horizontal stitching by tracing the patten onto a new piece of paper and running a tracing wheel across the line.

I cut the template out, taped it on the fabric, and started sewing.

Once I had that first line I could sew the rest using the presser foot as a guide.

Then I marked the center line with tape and sewed the vertical channels. I got the placement for the next couple of channels by placing the pattern on the fabric, pushing a pin through the starting point, 

lifting the pattern a bit and marking that spot with another pin. I did the same for the end point, then I marked the sewing line with tape.

I sewed down that line, then once down each side, and a few more channels were done. I have to insert boning into these channels before moving on to the next ones so I guess I'd better rustle up some boning.

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