August 14, 2009

shoulder strap overkill?

I may have over thought the shoulder straps. I didn't do a Hong Kong finish on the edges where the straps attach to the body because I didn't want any seam allowance visible when the stays are seen from a front angle. So I hid the seam allowances inside in a probably overdone way. 

I pinned the Toile strap to the Toile body only, making sure not to catch any denim.

After sewing the Toile pieces together I sewed the denim strap, but I set it 1/8 inch from the body piece so the seam allowances wouldn't fall at the same spot.

I pressed the Toile allowance up, the denim allowance down, then graded the seam allowances.

Then from the front I stitched in the ditch right along the seam line.

The straps have just the one seam across the front,

and if I've assembled them the way I think I have there should be a line of stitching 1/8 from the seam on the other side securing the straps to each other.



  1. I'm really curious as to why the pattern doesn't have you cut the strap on the front in-one... I guess it's for conservation of fabric...

  2. Kerry, my guess is that it’s a question of fabric grain. If the straps were cut-in-one they would be on the bias, and stretch.