September 1, 2009

mundane stay making tasks

The loose threads are all being tucked away while I avoid dealing with the reeds. I just threaded them through a needle and pulled them into the nearest channel so the thread goes in the same direction the reeds will go when inserted. I don't want to chance the reeds catching on the threads and pulling them, or jamming them in the channel where there are several knotted ends tucked.

Here's a bit from the interior.

Now back to the stupid reeds.


  1. Hello mine name is Bettina, I would make with pleasure the cut from the summer korsett, do not do it, however, have copied everything only with my masses put down I do not manage, you can help me please. Unfortunately, my English is not perfect.
    They can also write to me email.

  2. Hi Bettina! Sprechen sie zufallig Deutsche? I'm happy to offer any help I can. I should have an email link up soon so you can contact me directly. In the meantime, send a comment with your email (I promise I will not post it) and I'll get back to you. I look forward to hearing from you!

  3. ich liebe ihre anleitung ,sie ist die beste die ich je gesehen habe. Sie könnten echt ein Buch raus bringen, am besten in Deutsch lach. Ihr Sommer korsett ist ein traum, hoffe ich bekomem es einigermaßen so hin
    Gruß Bettina