September 3, 2009

reed breaking solved

Steam! That the trick! Steaming the stays relaxes the fabric just enough so the reeds slide in easier. It's still snug, but I can slide them all the way to the last 1/4 inch, then guide that last bit in by pushing with my trusty needle nose pliers.

I don't grab the end, just butt the pliers up against it and carefully push, applying pressure with my fingers to guide it in. The reeds are all measured and trimmed so there is just over 1/4 inch space at the edge to allow for binding.

I'm so happy. I'd hit that point that comes in every project where momentum is lost and it seems it will take forever to complete. The reed situation was not helping. I feel like I'm back on track though. Hooray.


  1. Yay! Even though the reed problem took a while, it seems like this one is coming together a lot faster.

  2. yay! *applauds your ingenuity*
    I would never have thought of steaming it!
    well done!

  3. Thanks for celebrating with me you two! I've still manage to snap a few, but when one, or rather two since I slide them in together, gets stuck I pull it back bit, steam, wait a second, then start sliding again, and it has helped so much. Once someone told me you don't really know how to do something until you do it, have a problem, and find a way to solve it. I feel like I sort of know how to deal with reeds now. Well, until the time they give me a different problem.