September 18, 2009

seams finished and more grommets

The seams have all been covered and the basting removed.

Before the reeds go back in I realized the grommets for the shoulder straps needed to be inserted. After looking at the grommet setter I thought I had figured out why the grommets where coming out all torn up. The base was ratty, so I purchased a new grommet setting kit. The base on the left is the old one, on the right is the new.

And here are the grommets set with the new equipment.

Still ragged! Filing the edges won't take that long, but it's disheartening. And I still have the last couple to put on the straps. I have to find a better grommet solution before the next corset.


  1. Hello Jo .. are you putting the grommets in the right order? I find that if I put them in "upside down" that they go like that ... it's to do with the washer part (ie: not the part with the shank) ... try on some scrap fabric putting the washer on one way, then another and see if it makes a difference. xx

  2. Hmm, I'll do a test inserting them in the reverse order. I swear I put them in just like the diagram on grommet kits shows, but I maybe I am doing it backwards. I'll let you know. Thanks for cluing me into this possible solution.

  3. I can only recommend handsewing eyelets. I find it's much prettier and sturdier and once you've got some practice, not nearly as much slower as one could think.

  4. i feel your pain re: the grommets...
    but I have to say, your seams with the bias tape over top look simply beautiful!

  5. I think I may try hand sewing eyelets on the next corset. I'm trusting you Green Martha that they aren't much slower, though I work at such a glacial pace that's almost impossible.

    Thanks squelchbacker! I was on the fence with that the blue bias. Using it to bind all the edges seemed OK, but worried straight blue lines running down the stays might be too much. Instead I think it looks very clean. Maybe I'm imagining, but I also think it makes the difference between the brighter, less worn, areas of the Toile and more beige rooster part, less noticeable.

  6. Okay, Jo, if you are serious about this corset project, it's time to get one of these:
    It is the homepro LR (for long-reach) grommet/eyelet setter.
    It has some quirks that my hubby had to fix (threading on the part that holds the dies in) but makes it SOOO much easier. Sewn eyelets are most historically appropriate for early corsets and stays but not for late-19th century ones, and with heavy use (every day) they tear out no matter how well you do them. Using a long-handle grommet setter will really take care of your problems.
    And they didn't pay me to say that.
    Shop around for the best price; I got mine for my birthday from my mom. This will save you a TON of time and heartache.

  7. Ooh, that looks like a serious tool, which is what I need. Thank you Jenny for the link!