September 11, 2009

continuing with seam reinforcement

Back to work on the stays. Once the thin binding strips were basted straddling the seam lines I sewed right up against the edge of the trim.

Then the demin seam allowance was trimmed.

Here's a close up of the finished seam from the inside.

And from the outside.

Now back to inserting the reeds. Again.


  1. Hello there! I've been reading your blog ALL DAY!! It's BRILLIANT!! You are such a talented corset maker. I wonder if you would mind me putting a link to here on the links page of my website under "hints and tips", as you are providing a brilliant resource for corset lovers. My website is at it's a new site but I also have a blog at if you would like to know more. I look forward to reading about your further corset adventures! x

  2. How nice! And please do post a link!