March 15, 2009

waste not want not

Good fabric is expensive, I save the leftover bits. It turns out this corset is perfect for using the scraps of coutil I've saved.

I didn't realize when I started with this pattern that this light and dainty corset has more pieces than any other pattern in the book, 13 per side. That's 26 for one pass around the body, and since this corset will have a coutil inner layer and a satin outer layer that makes 52 pieces. Actually, the panel that holds the boning has to be cut four times out of the coutil, as do the center front and center back pieces, (I don't want the boning against the satin.) so that makes 58 pieces. 58! I'm cutting and sewing the coutil layer first, then I'll do the satin. Here is the interior cut and ready to go.

Off to the sewing machine.

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