March 31, 2009

setting the grommets

Grommet setting is fun. I've gotten tons of use from my grommet kit.

First the fabric is marked where the grommets will be set.

Then a hole is punched through all the layers of fabric.

The shaft sid of the grommet is set on the base, then the fabric is placed face down pushing the shaft through the hole. The donut part of the grommet goes on the other side, concave side to the fabric. And the die is fit in the hole.

After a couple hits with a hammer the grommet is set. Here they are from the inside, and from the outside of the garment.

Yes, I split a grommet. That's the result of uneven pressure and pounding too hard. This is not something you want to do because the the cut edge can catch on the lacing and weaken it. But once a grommet is set it's impossible to remove without cutting it out of the fabric. 

All I need to do now is insert the boning and add the lacing and this corset is done.


  1. Actually if you poke underneath the grommet carefully with an awl until you lift it up enough that you can grasp the edge with a pair of pliers you can then remove the grommet with the pliers.

  2. My husband and use a Dremel tool, comes out easily and doesn't mess up your fabric.